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Have, Poems by Lee Robison

Have by Lee Robison is a narrative exploration of growth from innocence to experience. The poems in this collection examine being and becoming and how men and women seek, and sometimes find, hope and faith in a universe that requites neither.

Sample Poems by Lee Robison

"Robison's words span cultures, place and time, ringing deep and true. These poems are rich in often hard sentiment, there is no sugared sentimentality. In Robison's world, human life is hard, sometimes good." - Brian Kahn

"I can't remember enjoying reading a collection of poetry as much as I enjoyed reading Have. Inspirational and deeply moving." - Janet Hill

"In Lee Robison's Have, we are given an extended love song, for the poet sings the love of a woman, of family, of history, of the land which is claimed and that land which remains unclaimed. And above all, Robison sings the love of the word (and of The Word, unabashedly). These poems ripple with word-play. . . . Rooted in an ethos of the land, of hard work, of kindness tinged with an overwhelming sense of mortality, Robison's poems seek to come to terms with our wounded planet, our wounded species, to unmire the beauty within." - Luther Jett

"Lee Robison's poems are as varied as life in paths and pasts, longings, leavings, findings, loves, losses, questionings, and reflections. . . . This poet's 'haves' are shared gracefully with images from many places, though especially from Montana's Madison County, and from many inner geographies as well. From the beautiful, spare words of history-setting in 'Native' to the 'lofted stars…now and here' in 'Why Poetry?' this fine collection has a place in the universe of poetry and poetic storytelling." - Marcia Melton

ISBN: 978-1625493200, 106 pages, $19

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