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Torn Love, Poems by Jean Hollander

In Torn Love by Jean Hollander, the cycle of love and life, death and rebirth, is fierce and never-ending:

From burning sky the trampled moon
waxes and wanes as distant as before,
and the emblazoned sun
in neutral brilliance pounds our clay
to monument so quick
we are undone before begun,
and spring allows no privacy,
for in that darkness where our firstborn rots
earth swells new seed.

Sample Poems by Jean Hollander

Praise for Jean Hollander's Earlier Work

“I’m truly impressed by the admirable range and diversity of this collection, highly original and commanding…a beautifully sustained and melodic vision.”—Laurence Lieberman, University of Illinois Press

“Here is poetry with sweetness and bite, poetry that rewards rereading.”—George Core, The Sewanee Review

Jean Hollander’s first book of poems, Crushed into Honey, won the Eileen W. Barnes Award. Her second collection was a winner in the QRL Poetry Book Series. Organs and Blood appeared in 2008. Her verse translations of Dante’s Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise were published by Doubleday.

ISBN 978-1625490483, 94 pages, $18.00

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