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Reneditions in a Palette, Poems by Judith Alexander Brice

There are many renditions in life; perhaps the most famous renditions were the "Extraordinary Renditions" which occurred after 9/11. In Renditions in a Palette, Judith Alexander Brice depicts where, in the course of our lives, a palette of colors and many different kinds of renditions intersect. Some of her poems are lyrical, others stark, some uplifting, some humorous, and yet, as in life, some bleak, even as the stream of the book follows the trajectories of her life, of our lives, our struggles and the realities of our world.

Sample Poems by Judith Alexander Brice

“In beautiful, imagistic, well-crafted poems, Judith Brice builds a picture of many colors and textures detailing the sorrows and losses and incredible moments of transcendence that make up a life. This is a book not to be missed. It is amazing and unforgettable.”—Maria Mazziotti Gillan

“In Judith Brice's operatic poems we hear a prophetic voice, a voice asking us, calling us, challenging us not to turn away. Not only are her poems about terrible loss, but also, the watch over what one is losing. Brice writes at the close of one poem ‘there are too many leftovers.’ Yet, surrounding the narrator, there is birdsong and there are blossoms. [Brice] gives us the faith that we can face it all, and sing. Amen.”—Jack Ridl

“Judith Brice is a unique poet who has the ability and poetic skills to take her readers deep into both the humanity and the nature of this life. Her poems explore what makes us most human, and most alive by reminding us of the pain and beauty of it all. This is a wonderful collection of poems to contemplate and visit again and again and to remind us who we really are.”—M. L. Liebler

Judith Alexander Brice is a retired psychiatrist who has written poetry for over thirty years. She graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1971. Much of her inspiration in her writing derives from her work with her patients, her own experiences with illness, her love for nature, and her strong feelings about the political world. Her work has been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the City Paper (of Pittsburgh), the Paterson Literary Review, Poesia, and The Lyric, among others. One of her poems is housed in the permanent archives of the Farmington Hills, MI Holocaust Memorial Center. Brice's poems have also been anthologized in several successive years of Voices from the Attic, of Bear River Review, and in Before There Was Nowhere To Stand, a poetry collection focusing on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

ISBN 978-1625490377, 124 pages

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