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Femme au chapeau, Poems by Rachel Dacus

The garlanded surfaces of Rachel Dacus’ Femme au chapeau serve at once to entice readers into their sphere and to obscure the deeper turmoil and music welling within.

Sample Poems by Rachel Dacus

“The chief strength of these impressive poems lies in their unsentimental candor, their observant eye, and their arresting and vivid imagery. The best among them come alive as scenes from several complex lives movingly conveyed. Rachel Dacus’ exceptional imagination extends to such subjects as foreign cities, the tenacity of the immigrant memory, ethnic and religious loyalties and divisions, art and its echoes in consciousness, and the writer’s life approached from ingenious angles. This is a book to relish for such insights, by a poet clearly up for the ride, and not afraid of the risks.”—Rhina Espaillat

“Rachel Dacus has a talent for writing music into our language and her new book, Femme au chapeau, showcases Dacus’ ability to bring us into her song. Whether we’re in the kitchen making apple pie or singing in the Pandaleshwar Caves, we are in the lyric of the poem, suspended in a blazing new ocean, and Dacus’ enthusiasm for writing stays with us and here, we all belong.”—Kelli Russell Agodon

“In her latest collection of poetry, Rachel Dacus ravels and unravels the rich uncertainties of life. Her poems, strange but startlingly familiar, seize and hold the reader. In her concise and often contemplative mode, we sense the miracle of time without end. She is honestly engaged in life, her heart big enough, her eyes keen enough, she ‘...delicately scans/ a stream of images…air words, scent sentences revealing the earth’s divine underside.’ Dacus is a sure and talented poet. Her rhymes flow skillfully past, almost mute, but they are beautifully imbedded in the body of the poem. Her clear-sighted tenderness avoids sentimentality but at the same time allows her wild imagination free rein.”—Ruth Daigon

Rachel Dacus was born in Buffalo, New York in 1949 and grew up in southern California, in the oceanside town of San Pedro, where she developed a love of the ocean and the written word, often at the same time. She majored in English, French Literature and counterculture at U.C. Berkeley during the interesting 1960s.  Earth Lessons is her first poetry collection, published by Bellowing Ark Press. It was followed by a poetry-and-music CD, A God You Can Dance. Ms. Dacus’ poetry was featured in the May, 2004 issue of Ygdrasil, with an introduction by Oswald LeWinter, author of Shakespeare in  Europe. Among the many journals that have published her poetry and prose are  The Atlanta Review, Bellingham Review, Boulevard, Comstock Review, Gumball, Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion, Many Mountains Moving, The National Poetry Journal, North American Review, Rattapallax  and Swink. Her poems have been included in several anthologies: Ravishing DisUnities: Real Ghazals in English (Wesleyan University Press; 2000),  The Poetry of Roses (Abrams; 1995) and The Best of Melic (Melic Review, 2001). Online, her work appears in 2 River, 3rd Muse Poetry  Journal, Adirondack Review, Alsop Review, Avatar Review, BigCityLit.com, Melic Review,  pif, Stirring, Terrain and The Pedestal Magazine.

$17.00, 84 pages, ISBN: 1932339825

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